GRISO Summer School 2022: Impacts of glacier retreat on Greenland’s coastal margins

The Greenland Ice Sheet Ocean (GRISO) science network will host the first GRISO Summer School in Nuuk, Greenland during July 10-22, 2022. The topic is Impacts of glacier retreat on Greenland's coastal margins.  The GRISO Summer School emphasizes Greenland science and building collaboration, communication, and complex problem-solving skills across disciplines. Participants in the summer school will:

  • Learn about the state of science and research techniques pertaining to Greenland's ice sheet and ocean margins.
  • Develop skills in cross-discipline collaboration and communication to explore cutting-edge system science topics facilitated by experts from Knowinnovation.
  • Build and strengthen research community connections, especially a healthy and strong early career network.

Target Participants

The 2022 summer school is able to accommodate 12 students. The primary audience for the summer school is advanced PhD students and postdocs. We encourage applications from Greenland-based students and underrepresented minority groups. Summer school participants will have the opportunity to participate in boat trips and hiking, as well as other outdoor activities. No previous outdoor experience is required and arrangements will be available for people with limited mobility .

Application Process

Applications open on 25 January 2022 and close on 11 February 2022.  Applications will be evaluated by the GRISO steering committee, and applicants will be admitted with the aim of having a diverse and interdisciplinary group of students. Participants will be notified of acceptance via email by roughly 1 March 2022.

Please contact with any questions.

Confirmed Lecturers

Additional lecturers are to be confirmed and will include guests from the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources and other Greenland institutions.


All of the local expenses will be covered by the summer school, including accommodation, food, and field work. Participants are expected to arrange and pay for their own travel to and from Nuuk. A limited number of travel stipends are available. Please specify in the application if your participation is dependent on receiving travel support. Accommodation will be at the Nuuk City Hostel, with sharing of single-gender 2-bed rooms and limited single occupancy rooms.

Key Topics and Activities

The GRISO Summer School will include a variety of activities.

Science areas covered will include:

  • Glaciology at Greenland ice sheet margins
  • Recent ice sheet retreat and drivers of change
  • Fjord and ocean response to ice sheet change
  • Trends in Greenland marine ecosystems
  • The future of the Greenland coastal margin
  • Community response to coastal change

Professional and personal development activities include:

  • Focused development activities with Knowinnovation (covering ~5 course days)
  • Creative problem solving and design thinking
  • Collaborating across multi-disciplinary and diverse groups
  • Leadership skills for leading multi-disciplinary groups

Outings and additional activities are likely to include:

  • Field trip (potentially by boat)
  • Hiking opportunities
  • Hands-on training with oceanographic instruments
  • Engagement with local experts and researchers


Participants must be eligible for travel to Greenland, and in line with host institution requirements, all participants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Information on current requirements for entry to Greenland may be found here, but are obviously subject to change. Organizing an in-person event requiring international travel at the present time clearly presents uncertainties. While we are hopeful that the event will go ahead, we will consider alternatives and endeavour to provide as much notice as possible if the situation does not allow the summer school to occur. We encourage all participants to purchase fully refundable travel tickets due to these unknowns.